Scar Eater Leaves Us Scarred For Life

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Scarred For Life Tour Kicks Off

Picture a dimly lit stage with a packed audience full of anticipating listeners. The drummer counts off to open up the show and immediately a mosh pit breaks out. You look into the crowd and see people from all walks of life gathered together to share something special. Fans sing along to the lyrics of vocalist Sonny Sutherland as he holds the microphone to their faces. Guitarists Joel McFadden and Stu De Haan shred as they headbang and scream at the crowd. Chris Swanberg on Drums and Gigi Owen on Bass Guitar play together in perfect rhythmic unison to bring everything together and form the band that is Scar Eater.

Scar Eater JoelThe first time I saw Scar Eater perform was at The District Tavern in Tucson, AZ in 2014, however, this wouldn’t be the last time. Their high energy, heavy (yet melodic) sound and lyrical content was what drew me to them and turned me into a fan. Since then, I make sure to attend their shows whenever possible.

Last Thursday night they kicked off their mini California tour (Scarred For Life) at The Flycatcher playing alongside bands Grite-Leon, Sur Block and Defeat The Band. The beers were cold and plentiful, the venue was packed and every single band who performed that night gave us all a wonderful auditory experience.

Scar Eater Flycatcher

Bring Us Your Damage

I reached out to Scar Eater while they’re still on tour to ask them a few questions about performing that evening, how the tour is going and what is in store for them afterwards.

AMM – What is your favorite thing about playing at The Flycatcher?
Scar Eater – The sound and community is our favorite thing. The staff (especially Frank, the sound engineer) have been the most considerate group of professionals we have ever worked with. Seeing the Tucson community coming together from fans of all different genres is a beautiful thing to witness.

AMM – How’s the tour going so far?
Scar EaterScar Eater – The tour is amazing!! It’s absolutely bonkers to say the least. We have met so many kind individuals and heard so many great bands. The bands from Long Beach tore up the place last night! We’ve had time off and hang out as a band and really grown closer together. I’ve (Chris) been documenting with a GoPro. When I get time to edit all the recordings, I should be able to release a video that captures the experience.

AMM – After the tour, what’s next for the band?
Scar Eater – Well, we plan to get some Scarred For Life tattoos. Not sure if they are going to be a secret or not, but I couldn’t think of any better way to commemorate such an amazing experience than sticking a needle filled with ink into our bodies haha. We have a few performances lined up (Uranium Springs, Infest, 520 Fest, and a big one we aren’t releasing yet). We are writing another album and already planning another tour. Awesome things around the corner!!


Gil Scott Heron Had It Right

If I had to choose a favorite element of the group it would be the unique brutal vocals and interlacing spoken words combined with heavy breakdowns and jazz influences that make Scar Eater a truly original, heavy post-hardcore band. When you listen to their music it is very inspiring and their lyrical content is incredibly positive and uplifting. If you get a chance to see them perform live, I highly suggest you take it because you will not be disappointed.

Their 5 song EP is available to purchase for $4.00 on BandCamp.
They also have merchandise available at:

Be sure to also like them on Facebook to keep up to date on news, releases and tour dates.
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